What is Karma


The law of karma is a special instance of the law of cause and effect which states that our physical, verbal and mental actions are causes and all our experiences are their effects. The law of karma teaches why each individual has a mental disposition, physical appearance and unique experiences. These are the effects of the countless actions that each has done in the past. Since no two people who have made the same actions in past lives, no one can have the same mental states and physical experiences another appearance. Each being has its own individual karma. Some people enjoy good health and illness others suffer endlessly. Some have attractive physical and sometimes not. Some are always happy and satisfied with little, while others tend to sulk and are never satisfied. Some people easily understand the meaning of spiritual teachings while others find them difficult and obscure.

The word karma means 'action' and refers mainly to our physical, verbal and mental actions. The actions leave traces or impressions we make on our very subtle mind that, over time, produce its results. Our mind is comparable to a field planting, and actions we make, seeds are planted in it. Virtuous actions are the seeds of our future happiness, and harmful, those of our suffering. These seeds are hidden in our minds until they produce their effect, when the necessary conditions for germination are met. In addition, since the original action until they mature their consequences is done, it may take several lifetimes.

As a result of our actions or karma, born in this impure, contaminated world and we have problems and difficulties constantly. Our actions are impure because our mind is contaminated by the inner poison of self-grasping. This is the main reason why we experience suffering. This is produced by our own actions or karma and is not a punishment imposed by anyone. We suffer because we have committed many negative actions in past lives. The origin of these bad actions are our own delusions such as hatred, attachment and self-grasping ignorance.

When we removed from our mind self-grasping and other delusions, our actions will be pure. As a result of these actions, our experiences, our world body and enjoy, and the things around us they will also be pure. There will not be no trace of suffering, impurity or difficulties. In this way, we will find true happiness in our mind.