Stories About Past Lives


With the help of my dreams I could discover where my mother was born. A few minutes before he died, my mother fell asleep and when he awoke, he told my sister, who at the time he was attending, she had dreamed of me and in the dream I offered a traditional white scarf, which in Tibetan call 'khatag' indicating. For me, this dream predicted that I would help my mother in her next life. After his death, I prayed every day to be reborn in England, where I live, so we can have the opportunity to go back to find her and recognize his reincarnation. Every day I prayed with devotion to my Dharmapala (protector Buddha Dharma) to show me clear signs of where my mother was born.

Shortly after I had three very significant dreams. In the first, I dreamed that my mother was in a place that seemed to be England. I asked him how he had traveled from India to there and I replied that was not from India but from Switzerland. In the second dream, I saw my mother talking to a group of people, I approached her and, although he spoke in Tibetan, he did not understand me. In life, my mother only spoke Tibetan, but in the dream spoke perfect English. I asked him if he had forgotten Tibetan, but did not answer. Later that same dream I saw a couple of Westerners who help establish Dharma centers in Britain.

Both dreams seemed to indicate the place where my mother was born. Two days after the second dream, the husband of the couple that had dreamed came to see me to tell me that his wife was pregnant. At that moment, I remembered the dream and thought his son might be the reincarnation of my mother. The fact that in the dream my mother had forgotten Tibetan and spoke only English suggested he would be reborn in a country where the language was spoken, and the presence of this couple in the dream could indicate that they would be their parents. So I decided to make a traditional divination, which in Tibetan called mo, and the result revealed, no doubt, that this baby was the reincarnation of my mother. Still, I decided to keep it secret.

The same night that took the woman to the hospital to give birth, I dreamed my mother repeated times. The next morning, I took a decision: "If you have given birth tonight, there is no doubt that it is the reincarnation of my mother, but otherwise I will continue investigating." Then I phoned the husband who gave me the good news that his wife had given birth that night to a beautiful girl. The news filled me with joy and in thanksgiving to my Dharmapala, I did a puja (ceremony) offerings.

A few days later, the father phoned me and told me that when the baby cried, if he recited the mantra of Buddha Chenrezsig, OM MANI FAME HUM, stopped doing it and listened attentively. He asked me why I was doing and I said it was due to the impressions of his past life, because my mother had great faith in this mantra and used to recite daily.

The girl was named Amaravajra. Later, when Kuten Lama, my mother's brother, came to England for the first time, he was amazed how affectionate she was with him and said he had the impression that he recognized. I also had the same feeling. Although I do not visit Amaravajra very often, when I do, it is very glad to see me.

One day when Amaravajra started talking, seeing a dog said pointing at him "Kyi Kyi" and every time I saw a dog used to call it. His father asked me about its meaning and I said in the dialect of western Tibet, where my mother lived, kyi means 'dog'. In addition to this word, also he issued other in Tibetan.

Later I learned through my brother, who after the death of my mother, an astrologer had predicted that would be born as a woman in a country different from the Tibetan language. This event just related part of my own experience, but we can find other authentic cases of people who have recognized the reincarnation of their teachers, parents, friends and other loved. If we look at these stories and reflect on the nature of mind and dream experiences, we find it easier to accept the existence of past and future lives.