Pursuit of Happiness


Usually we seek happiness in the outside world. We try to improve our material conditions and social position, find a better paying job, etc., but if we do, we will still have many problems and we are not satisfied. Thus, we never enjoyed a true and lasting peace. In his teachings, Buddha advises us not to seek happiness abroad but in ourselves. How can we find true happiness? Purifying and controlling our mind through sincere practice of Buddhadharma. If we train in this way undoubtedly we reach a lasting peaceful state of mind and be happy without depending on external circumstances.

While we strive to find happiness, we never got and continue to suffer endlessly suffering. Why did this happen? Because the cause of happiness, which is in our mind, virtue, is very weak and to bear fruit we put a lot of effort; however, internal causes of the problems, deceit, are very powerful and produce their effects but did not want. This is the real reason why we have problems endlessly and we could not be happier.

From the above we can deduce that the main cause of both happiness and suffering is in our mind and not in the outside world. If we can maintain a calm and peaceful mind at all times, we never have difficulties. If we remain in this state, although we insult, criticize or blame unfairly, lose work or abandon our friends, we live not dominated by deception. No matter how difficult the external conditions, if we maintain a calm and peaceful mind, will not cause us anxiety. Therefore, to solve our problems just have to learn to maintain a peaceful state of mind through pure and sincere practice of Dharma.