The Precious Human Life

Human Life

The potential of our human existence is unlimited, but we can not develop without appreciate its value. To do this, we have to think again and again about the special opportunity that we now have. If we feel a deep appreciation for our precious human life, we will take a firm determination to use it profitably. Then our life will be filled with meaning.

The mind has eighty-four thousand deceptions and all of them produce inner mental suffering and discomfort. This disease of the mind has no beginning and until we eliminate our delusions will not end. If we do not overcome the addiction, for example, it will remain in our minds as an insatiable desire and we will produce constant dissatisfaction. Similarly, other delusions such as anger, jealousy and selfishness make us suffer every time they manifest.

Although we have suffered these internal diseases since time without beginning, we now have the opportunity to eliminate them. Buddha gave eighty-four thousand instructions to cure these diseases, and humans, unlike other beings, we have the opportunity to receive and implement them. Thus, thanks to the teachings of Buddha, we can use our lives to reduce our delusions gradually, along with the pain and suffering they cause, and eventually eradicate them complete

With the mind of a human being can understand and accept the existence of past and future lives. This understanding will help us to worry less about worldly matters and to consider the welfare of our future lives. We come to the conclusion that if we get fortunate rebirths, we need to create in this life the causes for it.

We should follow the example of Prince Siddhartha, who dedicated his life to practice Dharma to achieve full enlightenment. If we recognize the great potential of our human existence, we feel very fortunate and will miss not lose in meaningless activities but will extract its essence by training in the Dharma