Introduction to Buddhism

Intro Buddism

All human beings have the same common desire: to be happy and not experience suffering. Even newborn babies, animals and insects also have it. This has been our main wish since beginningless time and remains at all times, even when we sleep. We dedicate our whole life to work hard to satisfy.

From the origins of this world, humans have spent much time and energy to improve their external conditions, seeking happiness and solutions to its many problems. But what was the result? Instead of seeing their wishes fulfilled, humans have witnessed their suffering has increased, while decreasing increasingly their experiences of peace and happiness. This clearly demonstrates that urges us to find a true method that can achieve a pure happiness and freedom from suffering.

The real means to achieve pure happiness and freedom from suffering is the practice of Dharma. All our dissatisfactions and difficulties are the result of our uncontrolled mind and harmful actions we make. Putting into practice the Dharma can learn to pacify and control our minds, and abandon wrongdoing and its main cause. In this way we can achieve a permanent peace, true cessation of all our suffering.