Features of Karma

Feature Karma

For every action we take, we experience a similar effect. When a farmer plants seeds of a medicinal plant, this plant will sprout and not a poisonous; and if not planting anything, it will not collect any harvest. Similarly, if we perform virtuous actions, we will enjoy happiness; if we commit harmful actions, we will experience suffering; and if we perform neutral actions, the results will be neutral.

For example, if we suffer mental illness it is because in the past we have bothered to others, and if we have a physical illness is because we have abused or injured with a weapon, administered wrong medicines or poisonous food offered. If you have not created the karmic cause for ill, it is impossible to do so even though we are in the midst of an epidemic that is ravaging all around us. Those who have attained nirvana, for example, do not experience physical or mental suffering because they have stopped committing harmful actions and eliminated potential, the main cause of suffering.

The main cause of poverty is stealing. The main causes of being oppressed are proud to have treated people inferior to our position, if any abused or services required or have despised others instead of loving them and being kind to them. The main causes of the suffering of having to separate us from our families and friends are actions as entice the couple of another person or put their friends or workers against them.