The Cause of Our Problems

Cause of problems

Usually we think our problems are caused by their own life circumstances. Since it is thus not possible to understand the real reason for our misfortunes, we often think we do not deserve the and we live in an unjust world. In fact, most of our experiences are the result of actions committed in past lives.

The following story drawn from the Buddhist scriptures help us understand that our experiences are rooted in past lives, and that the results of our actions are increasing over time, like a small seed becomes a large tree. There was once a nun called Upala before his ordination had experienced much suffering. He married three times, but all their husbands and sons had died violently and her parents also died in a fire. After suffering so many misfortunes, Upala generated an intense desire to be free of suffering Buddha and told his sad story. This explained that in his previous life had been one of the women of a king and that because of his jealousy had interfered in the relations of this with others. These jealousy was the cause of their calamities. Then Buddha taught him how to purify the mind and, thanks to his instructions sincerely practiced, reached nirvana in that life.

If we recognize that it is inevitable that our actions produce results and that these increases, we will take the decision to leave even the smallest negative action and practice virtue. To consolidate our decision, meditate on it without distractions. If we can remember at all times, our physical, verbal and mental actions will be increasingly pure and ultimately cease to create causes for suffering suffering in the future.