As You Meditate


We keep half-open eyes and focus our attention on breathing. We breathe naturally through the nostrils, without attempting to control this process, and try to be aware of the sensation of air in and out through the nose. This sensation is our object of meditation. We concentrate on it and try to forget everything else.

At first, we discover that our mind is very busy and you may think that meditation shakes even more, but in reality, what happens is that we begin to realize the mental state in which we normally find. In addition, we tend to follow the different thoughts as they arise, but we should resist this and concentrate on the feeling that occurs when you breathe. If we discover that our mind is distracted with thoughts and ideas, we have to go right back to the breath. We repeat this exercise as many times as necessary until the mind focus on breathing.

If we practice patiently in this way, our distracting thoughts will subside and we will experience a sense of serenity and relaxation. Our mind will feel lucid and spacious and we feel refreshed. When the sea is rough, sediment is churned up and the water becomes cloudy; but when the wind stops, the sludge settles to the bottom gradually and the water becomes clear. Similarly, when through concentration on breathing we calm the incessant flow of distractions, our mind becomes lucid and clear. We should stay in that state of mental calm for a while.

Although this breathing exercise is merely a preliminary stage of meditation, it is very effective. This practice is proof that we can experience inner peace and contentment just by controlling the mind, without having to depend on external conditions. When the turbulence decreases distractions and calm our mind emerges naturally a deep sense of happiness and satisfaction that helps us solve the problems of daily life. Most of the difficulties and tensions that we suffer have their origin in the mind and many of our problems, such as poor health, are caused or aggravated by stress. If we practice breathing meditation for ten or fifteen minutes a day, we can reduce our stress. Then, we will experience a great sense of tranquility and well-being, and our problems will vanish. We'll know better handle difficult situations, we will feel closer to others, we will be more attentive to them and our relations will improve.